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CABINET-04 H_edited.jpg

Bureau De Dame



Poplar, found charms


During my gap year working at an antique furniture store in Shanghai, I was captivated by the intricate French rococo mechanical furniture from the 18th century. This inspired my latest piece, a combination of a French ladies writing desk, a vanity table, and a modern aesthetic. These types of furniture have historically been associated with gendered expectations and stereotypes, particularly regarding beauty and self-image. Interestingly, the term "vanity" itself has negative connotations of narcissism and excessive pride in one's appearance. As I delved into the history of vanity, I discovered a long period of stagnation due to witchcraft accusations and societal pressure on women to avoid being perceived as vain. I believe this piece of furniture carries a rich and complex history, and drew inspiration for its aesthetic from new England style furniture. In a modern setting, it functions as a private and intimate space for one's grooming routine, akin to a daily ritual to prepare oneself for the day ahead.

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