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FOUNDER:                                      MAGGIE PEI

BASED IN:                                 BROOKLYN, NY

I have always held an awe for narratives and objects. Gathering bits and pieces of history, memories, emotions, and the sweet fragrance of osmanthus trees in the brisk air. I aim to build a realm of objects that lives in the cosmos where an intimate dialogue unfolds between the inner soul and the external world. Objects are diaries without a word,                                 songs of praise to life without a melody,                           they capture the forgotten sensations of a moment,       generously bestowing their companionship upon the soul. They transcend objects, becoming subjects.                       Each possesses a distinct personality, carrying joy and melancholy.                                                              What I do is simply to breathe life into them as they are meant to be. My studio practice is founded upon a deep appreciation for objects, their narratives, their history, the manner in which they come alive.                                                         It serves as a heartfelt ode to the obscured beauty of things, a transcendent threshold where the past converges with the present, where the lucid co-exists with the hidden.

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