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I would consider myself a maker, a romantic, and an object lover. I am enamored with the tactile and creative process of bringing an idea to life with my hands.

Being drawn to decorative art and historical furniture, I see history as an infinite source of inspiration. I seek to revive historical inspirations through contemporary reinventions, exploring symbolic meanings, and experimenting with new surface patterning techniques. By marrying unconventional materials with those I am familiar with, I try to breathe new life into traditional design.

I see objects and mediums as a way to convey emotions, stories, and messages.  I also believe that the true sustainability of an object lies in the emotional connection that people have with it.

My goal is to create pieces that endure through the ages, inspire emotional connections between people and objects, and have a positive impact on the world.

      I grew up in Shanghai, am a designer who now lives and studies in Providence, RI.

      I am currently studying Furniture Design at Rhode Island School of Design. I have former experience in restoration of antique furniture. I mainly use wood, ceramics, and metal as medium. I want to convey nostalgic energy and are feminine and elegant in color and forms.

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